The steam baths radiate heat at about 45 with air humidity of 100%, which leads to a nice sweating making the skin smooth and soft.
     The advantages of the steam bath are skin and hair care and their re-genesis, as well as relief of the respiratory organs. The steam baths have purifying action.

     The steam bath still has a great significance as cosmetic procedure, because it causes different effects on the skin. First, it influences the multiple nerves endings of the face and thus the action reflects on the central nerve system. The vascular system is also influenced by applying steam bath procedures, because the skin vessels expand a lot; the blood circulation improves, the skin pores become more open and easily absorb the nourishing substances.

     Such procedure is absolutely forbidden for the people with high blood pressure and other heart and vascular diseases.

     After the lavishly pouring cool water over the body, the blood circulation
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gets better and the increased during the procedures with steam bath body temperature is normalized.
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